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Featuring African-American, Black, and African history, culture, sports, and music to inform, illuminate, and inspire. Swing with the King - slide down the keys of a King Super 20 alto saxophone custom-made for saxophonist Charlie Parker, freestyle into an Olympic Skiier's boots, swing an authentic Slugger's baseball bat, put on a ritual mask, and there's so much more to discover! View them all in AR. Augmented Reality allows you to project 3D models into the real-world through your phone camera.

Wooden Bas-Relief
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Wooden Bas-Relief

This wooden bas-relief, made by the Senufo group, portrays zoomorphic motifs, in particular the bird Kalao. According to their beliefs, this bird was responsible for transferring the soul to the world of the dead. The Senufo group is closely related peoples of northern Côte d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast) and southeastern Mali, in West Africa.

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