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Ceramics and pottery have been around for a very long time. Most of the ceramics you see in museums are extremely fragile and are behind glass. That is not the case here. Within this collection, you can physically touch ancient vessels from the Nile, examine the details of Asian vases from hundreds of years ago, learn the different techniques from artists and potters from around the world, and even draw your own piece. View them all in AR. Augmented Reality allows you to project 3D models into the real-world through your phone camera.

Apulian Red-Figured Lebes Gamikos
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Apulian Red-Figured Lebes Gamikos

This is an Ancient Greek wedding vessel with two handles and a lid depicting two figures. The body is decorated in red on a black background. There are two figures: one of a woman in robes holding a bowl and on the other side, a winged figure holding a mirror. Flowers and foliage are painted in between the figures. Artist: Greek; Medium: mineral, clay

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