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WPA Dress

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Do you wear specific clothing while doing chores?

About the Model

WPA, or Works Progress Administration, was an employment and infrastructure program created by President Roosevelt in 1935 during the Great Depression. Over its eight years of existence, the WPA put around 8.5 million Americans to work. Some women were placed in clerical jobs or worked as librarians, others went to work canning, gardening, and sewing. This is a typical house dress worn by women for housework. The small pleat on the bottom allowed for a little bit of movement and the pockets were very useful to carry items around the house. The bright plaid pattern disguised spills or stains from chores or children. Women received this dress pattern from the WPA and they could make the dress themselves or get one ready-made through federal assistance.


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dress, WPA, sewing, fashion, women, girls, Works Progress Administration, Great Depression, textiles, clothing


May 31 2022