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Nuremberg-Type Sundial

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An intricate sundial, made in the 16th century by Hans Droschel the Elder in Nuremberg, Germany

About the Model

Hans Droschel was one of the best scientific instrument designers of his time. This Nuremberg style sundial is made up of two ivory plates connected by brass hinges. The plates feature intricate markings of towns, charts of hours, and the maker's signature. The compass is inscribed with Latin world directions and surrounding the compass are inscriptions of hour markings and latitudes. In the 13th century, compasses were used in sundials. After the 1400s a hand was introduced. This resulted in the beautiful, intricate diptych clocks, popular in the late Gothic to the Baroque period. Artist: Hans Droschel; Medium: silk, iron, brass, glass, ivory


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gothic, Baroque, scientific instrument, latitude, longitude, sundial, meridian , towns, hours, ivory, brass, diptych, compass, hemisphere, invention, clock, equinox, astronomy, space, history, social studies, problem, solution, ideas and inventions


Mar 31 2022