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Kneeling Winged Monster

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Don't be afraid of this beastly creature. Hone into its ferocious claws and teeth and touch its potbelly like so many have done before you.

About the Model

With a snarling lion head and sharp claws, at first glance, you don't want to go near this winged monster. However, go closer and you'll see its potbelly and saggy chest. The monster sits on a lotus blossom, a flower associated with Buddhism. At a Buddhist site, this demons supported one end of a main arch. Worshippers could easily reach and touch the belly and knees, giving it a smooth, oil, black surface. This is a limestone freestanding sculpture of a kneeling winged monster.


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Northern Xiangtangshan, Middle Cave, Hebei province, Chinese art, China, Buddhism, demon, Period of Division, Northern dynasties, Northern Qi dynasty, lotus, period of devision, temple, cave, China, Chinese Art, monster, art history, culture, chinese history, archaeology, flower, buddhism


May 17 2022