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Gym Suit Uniform

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Imagine playing basketball in this suit.

About the Model

Around the 1900s some authorities told girls and young women to exercise with caution, stating that physical activity was dangerous for them. Other experts thought it would improve girls' character, fend off diseases, and build stronger bodies. As experts debated, girls exercised. They traded in their corsets and long skirts for baggy and loose fitting clothing, allowing a greater freedom of movement. Deborah Dickinson wore this gym suit when she was captain of her basketball team. The suit has buttons on the bodice so it can be completely opened and the bloomer style pants allowed for ease of movement. Some say the large "A" patch was given to Deborah for achievement, others say it was given to her because it was the first letter of her high school.


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sports, exercise, girls, women, health, wellness, bodies, linen, textiles, fashion, basketball


May 31 2022