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Anne Sullivan Macy

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Where else can you touch the face of Anne Sullivan, the "Miracle Worker" like Helen Keller did?

About the Model

Sculpture of Anne Sullivan Macy by Onorio Ruotolo. Anne Sullivan, who was also blind, taught Helen Keller, a blind and deaf child, how to communicate and read Braille. Sullivan pioneered techniques such as "touch teaching," where she would spell out words in Keller's palm. Sullivan also used the technique called Tadoma, where Keller would put her hands on Anne Sullivan's face to feel vibrations and movements associated with speech. 3D print the sculpture and put your hands on her face in the same way Helen Keller did.


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Onorio Ruotolo, Helen Keller, Statue, Blind, Education, Educator, Teacher, Anne Mansfield Sullivan Macy, Social Change, Disabilities, Plaster and bronze patina, sculpture, art history, culture, woman, women


May 16 2022